My mission is to provide high-energy, educational and motivational workshops and coaching meetings that will assist your company in exceeding its desired results. I have over 30 years of helping companies develop highly motivated results focused teams. I LOVE helping people be the best they can be. My knowledge, experience and ability to connect with people help companies exceed their greatest expectations. I know what it takes to make it happen and remain passionate about guiding people to succeed.

While working with individuals and businesses throughout North America and overseas, I earned a reputation for the ability to develop large successful  productive teams. 

I enjoyed a corporate career before founding Knapp Consultants. As an executive for Avon Products, I was responsible for recruiting, training, and developing a field sales force of 4,000 Avon representatives.  This team gained national recognition as a leading division in the U.S.  

I was recruited to build a similar sales organization in Melbourne, Australia.  I spent 18 months recruiting, training, and developing salespeople to exceed the goal of 1,000 salespeople within the 18 month tenure. 

While working with individuals and businesses throughout North America, Canada, and Australia, I earned a reputation for a dynamic personal connection that generates positive results. I returned to the U.S. to become the VP for sales training & development for a major national/international corporation.


What makes me different? 

  • Hands-on "in the trenches" successful life and professional experiences. 

  • Ability to teach, train and motivate others to go the extra mile.   

  • Fueling people and companies with a drive and passion for success. 

  • Enthusiastic energetic “can do” approach to life. 


I started Knapp Consultants, Inc., based in Ft. Myers, FL 30 years ago. I am a Business Consultant, Communications Trainer, Author, and Motivational Speaker. I have utilized DiSC Communications tools from day #1. I believe they are the very best in the industry and have watched my clients benefit from the value and knowledge DiSC provides.


  • "The DiSC training and experience that I had with Lee Knapp propelled me to a totally different level.  I learned to recognize and tame my “high D” to improve my communication with colleagues, patients and even my own family!  This has transformed my personal and professional life and led to countless successes.  I am incredibly grateful for the practical guidance and insights that DiSC and Lee Knapp taught me." ~ Dr. H. G., Boston, MA

  • "Without your expertise, wisdom, and a dash of wit, I would not have been able to make the changes in myself nor my business that were needed. Only being in business a short period of time, I was at a stand-still and loss of which direction to take." ~Owner, Bell Design Group

  • "The DiSC Program has been such a useful tool within our company at all levels.  Our executive and management staff used the DiSC information in our year-end review process.  It is a great management tool as well as a great team-building program.  Thank you for introducing this to our company." ~Kerry, SVP, Parker Development

  • "The Chamber staff found the DiSC profile personally and professionally compelling. The team felt inspired and empowered to go forward with a quiver of diversified communication tools.  The staff is still buzzing ." 

    ~Christine – Executive Director

  • "Lee Knapp's programs are the best! We have utilized her talents and skills with management training many times. Lee's professionalism is a perfect fit for the high standards of our company." ~K.B. HR Director, South Beach Miami​

  • "Lee's creativity in the recruiting process for new sales representatives has allowed us to achieve national prominence. Her persistence and genuine caring translates into phenomenal results."  ~D. Gribin, Financial Group

  • "Lee has been working with us in the areas of recruiting and agency development for 5 years. Her enthusiasm and knowledge has been invaluable. The DISC Profile has helped us take our teams to new levels and grow the business. The results have been dramatic!" ~M.S,  CEO,  Financial Services

  • "I just wanted to let you know how amazing today's class was. I apologize because at first I thought 'ah...another seminar.' TOTALLY WRONG THOUGHT! It was life changing for me and I have you to thank. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Not only will this class help our business but it turned on a light bulb for me with my husband and my adult children." ~C.C. Office Mgr. Paint Co.

  • "As usual, your program was positive and uplifting.  The staff's comments have been great.  I know we can tackle our fall enrollment goal with more confidence and a positive attitude.  YOU are a true member of our family.  Thanks again." ~SWFL University President

  • "The County Sheriff's Office has used the DISC profile in developing leadership and idea development teams. We have successfully integrated personnel from various components and levels of expertise into effective teams and implemented many of the programs developed. The DISC instrument has been on-target regarding both self-assessments and those of co-workers / supervisors. Our personnel continue to use it as a learning tool for themselves."  ~D.B. Operations Commander, Sheriff’s Dept.​

  • "Lee is the true speaking professional with high energy, charisma, and passion for her message and her desire to help people become the best they can be. Our attendees were truly sparked by Lee's presentation." ~Tom, Recruiter, Sales org.

  • "Positive… upbeat… enthusiastic… motivating… pleasant to have around… dynamic lady! Reviews from my group were excellent. I even received letters from clients who had attended Lee’s class thanking us for the opportunity." ~Dave, GM, Key Bank

  • "Listening to Lee's Australian accomplishments motivated me to raise my bar and go for it!" ~Harold, GM. Naples Hotel

  • "Lee's 'refuse to fail' attitude is contagious. Her ability to present a workshop and truly understand how to use the information is exceptional. The DISC workshop has helped me and our entire team both personally and professionally. We are actually respecting each other differently."  ~Andreason, VP, St. Joseph Hospital  

  • "I view Lee Knapp as a consummate sales training professional. Her personal sales experiences are a valuable asset to her training messages. She turns her audience into believers because she has been in the trenches and speaks from her heart." ~J Backe – Backe Publishing Group 

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