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Everything DiSC Authorized Partner - Lee Knapp

My mission is to provide high-energy, educational and motivational workshops and coaching meetings that will assist your company in exceeding its desired results. I have over 30 years of helping companies develop highly motivated results focused teams. I LOVE helping people be the best they can be. My knowledge, experience and ability to connect with people help companies exceed their greatest expectations. I know what it takes to make it happen and remain passionate about guiding people to succeed.

While working with individuals and businesses throughout North America and overseas, I earned a reputation for the ability to develop large successful  productive teams. 

I enjoyed a corporate career before founding Knapp Consultants. As an executive for Avon Products, I was responsible for recruiting, training, and developing a field sales force of 4,000 Avon representatives.  This team gained national recognition as a leading division in the U.S.  

I was recruited to build a similar sales organization in Melbourne, Australia.  I spent 18 months recruiting, training, and developing salespeople to exceed the goal of 1,000 salespeople within the 18 month tenure. 

While working with individuals and businesses throughout North America, Canada, and Australia, I earned a reputation for a dynamic personal connection that generates positive results. I returned to the U.S. to become the VP for sales training & development for a major national/international corporation.


What makes me different? 

  • Hands-on "in the trenches" successful life and professional experiences. 

  • Ability to teach, train and motivate others to go the extra mile.   

  • Fueling people and companies with a drive and passion for success. 

  • Enthusiastic energetic “can do” approach to life. 


I started Knapp Consultants, Inc., based in Ft. Myers, FL 30 years ago. I am a Business Consultant, Communications Trainer, Author, and Motivational Speaker. I have utilized DiSC Communications tools from day #1. I believe they are the very best in the industry and have watched my clients benefit from the value and knowledge DiSC provides.


Ready for your company to reach new heights?

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