Are your employees spending more time focusing on team interpersonal challenges than on your customers' needs and growing the business?
Are you spending too much time and effort dealing with drama?
Do you find yourself spending too much time putting out fires between your employees?
Use the EVERYTHING DiSC assessment for effective communication

Many executives, general managers, and HR professionals like yourself are currently struggling with the same battles. In fact, in the last 30+ years of working with companies, executives have said to me, Lee...

  • Our company's gossip mill is running wild

  • My teams are falling apart and I'm overworked

  • Management doesn't seem to have a clue what's going on

  • Poor team morale is causing the loss of quality employees

  • Our working environment has become a drain for everyone

  • Negativity at our office has become the norm. It's like a virus

  • Productivity is suffering because of ineffective team behaviors

  • An attitude of "I'm right, you're wrong" permeates our work space

  • ​Employees continue to look for what's wrong rather than what's right​

Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. It happens in every industry.
This personality type test improves relationships at work and reduces stress

And here are the reasons why: 1) People don't normally understand how their communication style impacts others and 2) Respecting people’s differences in how we naturally tend to communicate can be difficult.

Different personality types at work stressing you out?

If the hardship of managing employee drama has driven you to find a solution, I suspect you've turned to people you trust, only to find out that they were unable to solve your problems.

In your desperation, you may have implemented other training programs. But when they didn't deliver long lasting behavioral change, you found yourself back at square one. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Imagine a workplace where your team members are...

Full length portrait of an excited beard

Willing to jump through hoops to help each other. 

Sharing ideas with management for increased productivity.

Expressing more creativity and having fun!

More productive and increasing the company's profitability.

Offering to mentor newer team members. 

Positive and supportive of each other.

Focused on can do instead of can’t do.

Communicating openly, positively & in a timely fashion.

The solution exists. It's called

What's EVERYTHING DiSC®? People tend to think of it as a

"4 Personality Types Test"

that identifies each person's communication preferences. Here's what it really is...
EVERYTHING DiSC® provides a nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral styles  across four primary dimensions:

Direct and Decisive. D's like to take action and focus on results.


Optimistic and Outgoing. i's like to share ideas, participate and motivate.


Concerned and cooperative. S's are loyal, helpful, and like consistency.


Concerned and Correct. C's like systematic approaches, accuracy and quality

EVERYTHING DiSC has solutions for your workforce

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
Everything DiSC Productive Conflict


Designed to help learners curb destructive behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace results and relationships.

Everything DiSC
Work of Leaders®
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®


The Work of Leaders made simple: Vision, Alignment, and Execution. Based on best practices, Work of Leaders connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.

Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Workplace®


Can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to build more effective relationships, and improve the quality of the workplace.

Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Management


Teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee. They learn how to read employee styles and adapt their own styles to manage more effectively. 

Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Sales


Helps salespeople connect better with their customers by understanding their DiSC sales style, understanding their customers’ buying styles, and adapting
their sales style to meet their customers’ buying styles.

Why Lee?

Working with different personality types


As an EVERYTHING DiSC Authorized partner, I have worked with hundreds of companies over the past 30 years that struggle due to differences in communication styles. The DiSC profile made the difference!

I've also worked with many disruptive or negative employees and find them time drainers and de-motivators. Eliminating these time consuming frustrations benefits management as well as the team. DiSC training makes a huge difference because it allows you to save time and energy. Time is money. 

A Story of Success

To illustrate my point, I once worked with a successful business owner for a chain of hotels. He was frustrated and disappointed because he and his partner could never see eye to eye on anything.


  • Every business discussion ended in a battle. 

  • They were unable to manage themselves as well as their entire company team. 

  • Their behaviors were stifling their business growth and success. 

  • They actually liked each other and wanted to make it work. 

  • They just couldn’t communicate together. 


After completing a DiSC Management Profile they were able to see their DiSC communication styles were both very strong and total opposite.  Working together and learning how to better understand their differences and work toward being a cohesive team turned everything around.  They became DiSC believers and brought DiSC into their management structure. 


That was over 20 years ago and they still order DiSC profiles for their management team today.  In addition, they have become highly successful.

Together we will build teams that are jumping with joy to come to work and interact with their team members to better serve your customers and help grow the business.

"The DiSC training and experience that I had with Lee Knapp propelled me to a totally different level.  I learned to recognize and tame my “high D” to improve my communication with colleagues, patients and even my own family!  This has transformed my personal and professional life and led to countless successes.  I am incredibly grateful for the practical guidance and insights that DiSC and Lee Knapp taught me." ~ Dr. H. G., Boston, MA

"The Chamber staff found the DiSC profile personally and professionally compelling. The team felt inspired and empowered to go forward with a quiver of diversified communication tools.  The staff is still buzzing ." ~ Christine – Executive Director

"Lee has been working with us in the areas of recruiting and agency development for 5 years. Her enthusiasm and knowledge has been invaluable. The DISC Profile has helped us take our teams to new levels and grow the business. The results have been dramatic!" ~M.S,  CEO,  Financial Services 

"The County Sheriff's Office has used the DISC profile in developing leadership and idea development teams. We have successfully integrated personnel from various components and levels of expertise into effective teams and implemented many of the programs developed. The DISC instrument has been on-target regarding both self-assessments and those of co-workers / supervisors. Our personnel continue to use it as a learning tool for themselves."  ~D.B. Operations Commander, Sheriff’s Dept.

"The DiSC Program has been such a useful tool within our company at all levels.  Our executive and management staff used the DiSC information in our year-end review process.  It is a great management tool as well as a great team-building program.  Thank you for introducing this to our company." ~Kerry, SVP, Parker Development

"Lee's 'refuse to fail' attitude is contagious. Her ability to present a workshop and truly understand how to use the information is exceptional. The DISC workshop has helped me and our entire team both personally and professionally. We are actually respecting each other differently."  ~Andreason, VP, St. Joseph Hospital  

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Still have questions?

What if people don’t want to do a DiSC Profile?

Once people understand that DiSC is a communications tool that helps them better understand their natural communication style they are interested. It’s all about them. There are no better or best or right or wrong. We are a blend of the styles. People enjoy learning about their communication style as well as the styles of their peers.

What if the makeup of our team doesn’t work?

That’s what DiSC is all about. Helping companies and people better understand their communication strengths and weaknesses. It’s great to have a blend of the 4 styles on a team, however, that’s not always the situation. Learning how to be flexible with our styles in communicating with peers is what makes the difference and helps to increase team spirit, company morale, company growth, and customer satisfaction.

What if my employees don’t want to be part of a team?

Sometimes we conduct company focus groups as a first step in introducing DiSC to the team. A team focus group uncovers challenges and generates positive team morale. People want to trust and believe the company is serious about building a cohesive team. Once people feel like a part of the team they will be more eager to open up and share challenges and solutions.

How can we get a profile for our new employees?

New employees can receive a DiSC Profile with a simple phone call. We send a link, to be completed by the employee, and they will receive their completed profile.

How can DiSC benefit people personally?

It’s important to remember that DiSC is a communications tool. This valuable information is utilized through our personal and professional communications and interactions with people. It helps people become more aware of how they are coming across to others and how they can be flexible when communicating with different styles.

How do "D" styles tend to act?

D is the "Dominance" Tendency. Key Characteristics:

  • "I know what I want and go after it."
  • Is motivated to get immediate results.
  • Tendency to make decisions quickly.
  • Often is adventurous, even daring.
  • Is actively competitive, "on the move."
  • May openly question the way things are done.
Personal Preferences:
  • "I enjoy taking charge of situations."
  • "I like to take on new challenges in areas of interest that area. real 'test' to me."
  • Prefers opportunities for their own personal accomplishment or advancement.
  • Likes varied and new activities.
Personal Development Opportunities:
  • Learning to pace yourself better and know when and how to relax.
  • Being aware of the type and immediacy of needs that other people have.
  • Understanding that people need people.
  • Accepting the importance of your exisiting limitations.

How do "i" styles tend to act?

I Style i is the "Influence" Tendency. Key Characteristics:

  • "I make new friends easily, even with strangers."
  • Tendency to be warm - trusting of others.
  • Is open about their own feelings.
  • Motivated to impress others and be included.
  • Enthusiastic, talkative, interactive.
Personal Preferences:
  • "I like to be recognized by others."
  • "I really enjoy entertaining people."
  • Likes the freedom to express self, including being free of entanglements, complications.
  • Prefers more favorable, casual relationships and working conditions.
Personal Development Opportunities:
  • Learning to develop more organized, systematic approaches to doing things, including following through with consistency in using these methods.
  • Awareness about others in ways that invove more realistic expectations and objective views of others.
  • Understanding how and when to be more firm and direct in dealing with less favorable situations.
  • Accepting the importance of completing work, tasks, agreements with people according to priority, commitments, and deadlines.

How do "S" styles tend to act?

S is the "Steadiness" Tendency. Key Characteristics:

  • "I'm most comfortable when I know what others expect of me, including how to do do these things."
  • Tends to be more low-keyed and easy going.
  • Finds it easy to get along well and work with different types of people.
  • Motivated to concentrate on tasks, enjoys repeadedly doing similar kinds of things.
  • Is more comfortable as a listener and participator in a group rather than the talker or director.
Personal Preferences:
  • "I prefer it when things go smoothly, especially when there is not a lot of change."
  • "I like the satisfaction I get from working together with others on projects, by being a part of a collective effort to achieve specific results."
  • Prefers known procedures and the stability gained from a defined, proven way of doing things.
  • Likes sincere appreciation from others who are important, including more subtle or quiet recognition.
Personal Development Opportunities:
  • Learning how to better handle the reality of unexpected and ongoing change.
  • Awareness about when to delegate to other people to achieve desired results.
  • Understanding how to be more assertive with people in taking charge of certain situations.
  • Accepting the opportuntiy to grow by learning to do new and different things, including a variety of ways other than your own standard approach.

How do "C" styles tend to act?

C is the "Conscientiousness" Tendency. Key Characteristics:

  • "I have a need to do things more correctly since I'm uncomfortable making mistakes."
  • Is motivated to be thorough, accurate.
  • Tends to be attentive to conditions around them, including clues about important expecations or standards.
  • Often demonstrates caution, curiosity.
  • May become critical of the quality of work performed - their own or others'.
Personal Preferences:
  • "I prefer to be more careful, quiet and observant when I am around other people."
  • "I like situations where I have the freedom to concentrate on perfecting ideas and work on things that are important to me - without interruption."
  • Prefers assurances that identified and agreed-upon standards or objectives will not be changed, sacrificed.
  • Likes personal responsiveness to achieve their own standards.
Personal Development Opportunities:
  • Learning to develop a greater tolerance for conflict and human imperfection, including realistic approaches to preventing and minimizing both.
  • Awareness of the importance of more directly communicating and discussing your views with others.
  • Understanding of the different types of talents and interest levels of individuals, which can be helpful in achieving desired objectives.
  • Accepting with a greater sense of true self-esteem the importance of who you are as a worthwhile person in your own right, rather than only for what you do.

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