Executive Coaching

Executive coaching reduces stress for CEOs and managers.
Are you afraid to ask your employees how they're doing, or better yet, how you're doing?
Are you frustrated with meetings that never seem to accomplish results?
Do you get angry when co-workers cannot move forward because they want more details?
Ever feel like pulling your hair out? I GET IT!

If so, could it be that your management style and communication methods are the culprit? Not sure? Let's consider the following symptoms. Are any of them affecting your work place?

  • Instead of just getting the job done, some employees continue asking too many questions.

  • You find yourself saying things like "Enough discussion. Let's get the job done already!"

  • You lose patience with team members who communicate differently than you.

  • Your team is hesitant to ask for help or provide constructive feedback.

  • You spend more time on non-income related challenges versus income related activities.

  • Your team tends to conceal their weaknesses and mistakes from each other.

  • Different personalities among team members make management meetings quite frustrating.

Leadership coaching helps prevent office arguments.

If you responded "YES" to two or more, you (and your company's bottom line) can benefit from what I have to offer. So congratulations! You've taken the first step toward resolving workplace conflict!

How to Resolve Conflict Between Manager and Employee

conflict resolution in the workplace

I've worked with so many executives and managers who've been where you are today. And the good news is that we can not only resolve problems between management and employees, but we can also achieve the best results for your company. And we'll do so by starting at the top.

Why wouldn’t you start at the top of the management team and work throughout the company?  My most successful experiences have been directly related to starting at the top. 


That's because when a solution that works is supported from top management, employees will give instant buy-in to its value. In other words, when employees see management walking their talk and supporting the message of positive communications, they get on board.

A Renewed, Positive, Work Environment is Possible

If you're dreaming of the perfect office environment where everyone's happy, smiling, positive, creative, motivated, and focused on results, why not make it happen? YOU have the power to create a place where...

More time is spent on productive work activities instead of putting out fires due to gossip and drama situations.  

Employees actually enjoy coming to work every day and look forward to being the best they can be. 

A positive atmosphere exists, which helps to increase creativity and productivity. 

Learning people management skills leads to a happier work environment

This environment is possible with

To make this type of environment a reality, what you really need are...

People Management Skills

EVERYTHING DiSC® is the foundation upon which we will rebuild your company culture. With these tools, you'll learn people management skills that can not only be utilized with employees, but also customers and personal relationships!

The following film gives a brief overview of how DiSC works. For a more in-depth-look at EVERYTHING DiSC® (including the 4 behavior styles, FAQs, and solutions tailored to your workforce) click here

In my 30+ years of CEO coaching, I've seen companies transform their work environment in as little as three weeks, provided that top level management also dedicates themselves to the principles taught in EVERYTHING DiSC. Once you see how easy it is to understand your DiSC communication style as well as the styles of your entire management team, you will be amazed. DiSC will become your personal "do it yourself" manual for effective team communications. 


You will find yourself exercising more patience and understanding when working with your team members. You will see positive results throughout your entire team when they are practicing their DiSC techniques. Understanding DiSC can be like riding a bike … the skills will always be there for you when you need them.  

"Without your expertise, wisdom, and a dash of wit, I would not have been able to make the changes in myself nor my business that were needed. Only being in business a short period of time, I was at a stand-still and loss of which direction to take." ~Owner, Bell Design Group

"Lee Knapp's programs are the best! We have utilized her talents and skills with management training many times. Lee's professionalism is a perfect fit for the high standards of our company." ~K.B. HR Director, South Beach Miami

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing today's class was. I apologize because at first I thought 'ah...another seminar.' TOTALLY WRONG THOUGHT! It was life changing for me and I have you to thank. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Not only will this class help our business but it turned on a light bulb for me with my husband and my adult children." ~C.C. Office Mgr. Paint Co.

"Lee is the true speaking professional with high energy, charisma, and passion for her message and her desire to help people become the best they can be. Our attendees were truly sparked by Lee's presentation." ~Tom, Recruiter, Sales org.

"Listening to Lee's Australian accomplishments motivated me to raise my bar and go for it!" ~Harold, GM. Naples Hotel

So, what do you say? If you're ready to get started with

Leadership Coaching

Here are the next steps. Let's keep it simple.

Let's Connect

Call me or email me. Tell me your challenges. I will schedule a meeting to discuss your needs as well as your personal and professional goals.   

DiSC Assessment

You'll take one or more of the following DiSC assessments:

Productive Conflict,

Work of Leaders®,


Management, or

Sales. More Info.

Review Results

We'll review your profile together. Once you see the value of the information and realize how your team can benefit from this knowledge...

Game Plan

...we will create a game plan together. This game plan will consist of executive coaching discussions to confirm desired team development goals.

Follow Up

A follow up program to keep DiSC alive will be included in the game plan.  On-going availability of DiSC profiles and support remains available to all clients.  

Still have questions?

How can you help me become a better leader for my team?

Understanding your DiSC communications style and how it’s affecting your team is the first step. Once you have your profile and your team’s profiles, you will see where the strengths and challenges are within the team. This is usually a real eye-opener and valuable information for understanding how to further develop the team. It can be difficult for people to see themselves the way others might see them. Management coaching is the key.

How will I know you can deliver positive results for us?

I am happy to provide you with contacts who have experienced the value and effectiveness of DiSC both personally and professionally.

How will I understand the style of my management team?

That’s where DiSC comes in. You will be amazed how easy it Is to understand your team once you see your DiSC Team Overview. It’s like having an open manual to better understand your team and their differences. You will be amazed at the difference DiSC will make with your team.

How can YOU help us build more effective teams?

DiSC is our foundation for developing effective teams. It creates better understanding around team differences and encourages the team to be more respectful and trusting with each other.

How can we build more cohesive team relationships?

A cohesive team needs to master 5 behaviors;

  1. Gaining trust
  2. Mastering conflict
  3. Achieving commitment
  4. Embracing accountability
  5. Focusing on results
The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is a training process that provides an enlightening journey into major team development.

How can we stop the gossip mill, the drama, and improve team morale?

Through better understanding our communication differences, team members develop a meaningful respect and appreciation for the entire team. Respecting peers eliminates the need to gossip and enables people to focus on team morale and team results.

My Executive Coaching Services

are especially beneficial for those in leadership with enough humility to see how their mannerisms contribute to the atmosphere at work, and want to improve it.
Do you have the genuine desire to improve your workplace?
Then I'm happy to help!

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