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Team Building, Training, 

& Development

Are you growing your business and developing the skills and effectiveness of your employees as fast as you would like?
Are you losing customers, money, and business by not training your employees?​
How would you rate your team building, training, and development program?
What would you do if you lost your most valuable employees?​
Team building
Team training can reduce employers' stress.

One of the most painful events that happens to employers is when a valuable employee leaves especially if there is a close relationship.


One in particular told me "Lee, I poured so much into 'Joan'. When she came to our company, she had nothing. I helped her find a place to live, obtain reliable transportation, trained her, and paid her well as she continued to flourish. Yet she still decided to leave the company."

It's a gut-wrenching blow especially if your former employee sides with a competitor or becomes the competition themselves! It's an unfortunate occurrence that so many of us have had to deal with.

To reduce the chances of this happening to you, let me ask you a few questions that I've asked others who were in your shoes...

  • ​Do your employees feel valued and willing to go the extra mile for you?

  • What’s your plan for providing timely recognition to your employees?

  • Do you make the time to train your employees and develop their skills?

  • What’s your employee turnover?  What are you doing to reduce it? 

  • Do you know what it would take to increase team motivation and morale? 

  • Can you identify your individual team’s strengths and weaknesses? 

  • Are your meetings productive, results focused, and enjoyable or just the opposite? 

These are all good

Employee Retention Strategies.

But if you don't have any in place, prepare to repeat the past.
The solution to your problem is

Business Training Workshops

Business training workshops create harmony in the workplace.\

In today’s world, companies are recognizing the importance of team leadership training and employee skill development. Employees want to feel valued and want to be heard.  They want to make every effort to be their best and to make a difference. I continue to hear this all the time from employees.


Companies save money, time, and frustration by reducing turnover and respecting the needs of their employees.  Employee turnover is not only costly and unproductive but it negatively impacts team morale. Training employees further develops skills, provides greater customer satisfaction, increases team development and team productivity. When employees feel the company is investing in them and their future, they feel valued. 

I have been designing and presenting training workshop programs through my own company, Knapp Consultants, as well as through corporate America for over 30+ years.  My focus is always to present a dynamite workshop providing outstanding benefits to my clients.  Here’s what goes into my dynamite workshop preparations: 

  • Understand what my client wants to have happen as a result of the workshop. 

  • Understand the knowledge and attitudes of the workshop attendees.   

  • Confirm success of past training experiences provided to employees. 

  • Provide employees with a “heads up” message prior to the training workshop

  • Ask employees what they would like to gain from the training.

  • Provide the employees with handout notes from the training for future use.   

  • Keep the workshop interesting, pertinent to their needs, interactive and fun. 

Workforce training
In addition to

Workforce Training

in meetings & workshops, I employ the following DiSC tools for better employee communication.
Everything DiSC
Productive Conflict
Everything DiSC Productive Conflict


Designed to help learners curb destructive behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace results and relationships.

Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Workplace®


Can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to build more effective relationships, and improve the quality of the workplace.

Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Management


Teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee. They learn how to read employee styles and adapt their own styles to manage more effectively. 

Everything DiSC
Everything DiSC Sales


Helps salespeople connect better with their customers by understanding their DiSC sales style, understanding their customers’ buying styles, and adapting their sales style to meet their customers’ buying styles.

Why Lee?

Business Trainer - Lee Knapp.jpg

Chat with me in person and you will find yourself asking "WHY NOT LEE?" I am someone who: 

  • Has worked in many industries both nationally and internationally and made positive things happen. My knowledge and skills come from my in the trenches experience.

  • Cares about every company's employees like they were my own.  

  • Has been building highly successful employee teams for over 30 years. 

  • Knows what it takes to create positive growth and team motivation. 

  • Believes in people and tries to brings out the best in everyone I work with.  

  • Promises to share my passion, experience, knowledge, and people development with all of my clients.  

A Success Story: My Own

Whenever I am told "it cannot be done," I am motivated into action. People said I would never be able to build a sales force of women in Melbourne, Australia. 


After living there for 18 months, I recruited, trained, and developed a sales organization of over 1,200 salespeople. I realized I could do anything as long as I followed my simple red wagon strategy of having a Goal + Game Plan + Commitment.

With this strategy, there is no stopping me. I remain focused on my simple strategy today and love sharing it with all of my clients. 



Whenever a client shares their business needs and situations with me, my mind goes into immediate action, thinking of what I can do to help and what solutions I will provide.

Some of my greatest success stories have been when I had to tell someone they were the problem. Not a comfortable situation! However, a willingness to help people better understand themselves and how they are impacting their team is critical to the success of working together. My clients know they can count on me for total trust and honesty along with a desire to achieve success! 

Others who have worked with Lee, have this to say:

Building Effective Teams:

It takes grit, determination, and good old fashioned hard work.
But I'm up for the challenge!
How about you?

Call 239-898-0941

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